In our Lodge meetings, we are looking to provide more interest and excitement rather than spend the evening talking about bills and other mundane tasks. We feel that the Brethren should find interest to want to come to a meeting to hopefully learn something new and find ways to learn more about themselves and how to be a better Man, Husband and Father.

Examples of Education Programs

M&M Icebreaker

  • The Lodge Education Officer provided small packets of M&Ms for each member, and proceeded to describe one potential opportunity to start a conversation about Freemasonry with new or potential members. When you rotate an M&M, there are four reminders of the Lodge as described
    • redMViewed as an ‘M’: Our Masonic Fraternity. The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man; where Good Men hope to become even better Men, Fathers and Husbands
    • red3Viewed as a ‘3’: The Three Great Tenants of Masonry, Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth
    • redWViewed as a ‘W’: Our Journey begins in the West, where we prepare our minds for knowledge …
    • redEViewed as an ‘E’: Our Masonic Journey continues and takes us to the East, where resides our Worshipful Master…
    • redWViewed as an ‘W’: And back to the West, always in search of more light and knowledge in Masonry
    • red3Viewed as a ‘3’: And that Journey all begins with Three knocks on our doors.

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