Urania Lodge 311

Freemasons of Plain City Ohio


Grand Masters Class 2017

Making the 9th District Strong.

Welcome the Grand Masters Class of New Master Masons here in Ohio.


Urania Lodge Welcomes the 300th Anniversary of Masons

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2017 Urania Annual Installation of Officers

Urania Lodge 311 will hold it’s 160th Annual Installation of Officers December 13th. 2016 for the 2016 – 2017 Masonic Year


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2017 Grand Masters One Day Class

Just a bit of information to those interested.

On March the 25th., 2017 Grand Master Douglas N. Kaylor has announced that each of the twenty five Masonic Districts in Ohio will hold a Grand Masters Class. Any Brothers proposing a candidate for the Grand Masters’s Class should be sure that the individual is available on March 25 & June 24, the tercentennial celebration of Modern Masonry and will be expected to attend.
For more information please contact the Lodge Secretary ASAP to begin this journey.


Scottish Rite Coming Events

Scottish Rite


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